Tips for choosing a vanity

Your bathroom is often the busiest place in the house after the kitchen, and despite its relatively small size, is often used to store and use a large amount of toiletries, makeup and towels.

The vanity is central to the design of your bathroom, and affects the look and feel as well as the whole functionality of the room. If your bathroom is cluttered, or you’re remodeling, vanity choice requires special consideration.

When choosing the type of vanity for your bathroom, it helps to know the different features available to determine which best suit your needs. The right vanity will complement your household as well as the bathroom for years to come.  At Bathroom Supplies distinguish our-self by providing custom made vanity units to suit any style & configuration of bathroom.

Cabinet Style Vanities

A cabinet style vanity can allow for versatility to fit with the size of your bathroom, with the option of being floor or wall mounted to match the needs of your family.

When choosing between floor and wall mounted vanities, an important consideration is the height of household members. For tall people, bending down to a low vanity can be a (literal) pain; a higher wall mounted vanity may be best. If children are in the home, it may be a better option to choose a lower floor mounted vanity.

Bathroom size may also be a consideration. Wall mounted vanities can allow more flexibility with the configuration and space available, opening up additional floor space in a small bathroom.

Pedestal Style Vanity

A pedestal sink has a top that blends together with the base in a seamless way. The pedestal sink is is quite the opposite to the vanities with shelves and cabinets.

Pedestal sinks can also be called free standing sink. They are small and take very little space, looks great and can fit your specially designed bathroom perfectly.

  • Made from glass or vitreous china
  • Easy to clean
  • Space saver
  • Long lasting
  • Can be harder to install as pipes needs to be hidden

Custom Vanity Units

Here at Bathroom Supplies we can custom make your vanity unit to suit any style & configuration of bathroom, to any size and finish. You have the choice of many different finishes including laminate , two pack or timber cabinets.

The vanity top can be made from natural or man made stone , timber or laminate . We also have many different vanity basins to choose from – drop in , undermount & also vessel or semi-inset. We can create wall-hung vanities to give the perception of extra room, or we can create full height vanities for that extra storage space.

We also offer mirror cabinets which are a great way to clear up vanity space and give easy access to everyday products. Our vanities and mirror cabinets are made to the highest standards and will be a great addition to that perfect bathroom.

Our showroom displays just a taste of the many combinations available.

Open Shelf Vanities

Drawers and shelves in cabinet style vanities are often relatively small because of the room required for plumbing, and may have trouble housing larger items such as hairspray cans or hair dryers.

An open shelf vanity is a good option for households with a small amount of toiletries to be on display. Open shelving can provide enough for room for bulkier items, and also allow easy access for everything you need to have within reach, especially if you have young children.

Corner Vanities

A corner vanity can be a good option for a small-sized bathroom. With a 90-degree angle at the back, it also allows two mirrors to be hung on each wall above the sink, which allows more light refraction and creates the illusion of space.


  • Ideal space saver
  • Perfect for the guest room
  • Modern or classic designs
  • Storage

Additional Choice Considerations

If space allows, a double sink is a good option for family members who use the bathroom at the same time during the morning rush hour. However, keep in mind that two sinks can mean less available countertop space.

You also have the option of choosing different looks and materials for your vanity, such as laminate, glass, two-pack, stone or timber.  Again, this should be suited to your family, as frequent, multiple uses mean a lot of wear and tear, and durable materials could be more suitable than more delicate vanity tops.

Consider how much storage is needed for your household, and allow more space in your new vanity than you think, just to be safe.

If you’re considering a new bathroom vanity, talk to us about which models in our wide range are the most suitable for your situation and household.




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