Neion wall faced intelligent toilet

$ 4,180.00

  • Gender specific functions
  • Massage functiondrying functions
  • Pressure increase / decrease
  • Air temperature controls
  • Water temperature controls
  • LED night light
  • Deodoriser (using a diatomaceous mud filter)
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Neion wall faced intelligent toilet

The Neion intelligent toilet was created by combining the aesthetics of a rimless toilet pan with the cleaning function of a bidet.
The Neion features a soft-close wrap seat, hosts a 2-user memory and is fully customisable with:

  • gender specific functions
  • massage functiondrying functions
  • pressure increase / decrease
  • air temperature controls
  • water temperature controls
  • LED night light
  • deodoriser (using a diatomaceous mud filter)
  • Package includes Neion Wall Faced Intelligent Toilet Pan with Remote and In Wall Cistern. Flush Buttons extra, starting from $127

Boasting a hard wearing, rimless ceramic pan and a nozzle that is self-cleaning before and after every use plus the tank runs a self-cleaning mode if left in standby for an extended period of time.

WELS 4 star 4.5/3 litres.
WELS License / Reg No: 1483 / L06553

NOTE: The Neion floor mount water closet pan with integrated bidet seat complies with WMTS-051. Bidet seat has integral break tank with air gap complying with AS 2845.2. Thus it meets the High-Hazard backflow prevention requirements of AS/NZS 3500.1 without the need for a RPZ valve.


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