4 types of toilets

The Rim

Check if the toilet distributes water evenly by running your hand inside the rim and locating the evenly distributed small holes, also known as a boxed rim.

S trap & P trap

“S” trap or “P” trap refers to different types of toilet outlets. S trap is when the outlet goes through the floor and P trap is when the outlet goes through the wall.

Soft close

Most of our toilets come standard with soft close seat and boxed rim. Soft close means you can close the lid without it making that awful noise when others are sleeping.

Porcelain coating

Additional coating on the porcelain makes the cleaning easier.

Quiet flushing technology

Most of our toilets have quiet flushing technology and functions.


TECElux technology is hidden behind the wall, and all that is visible is a clean flat face made of white safety glass. You will find features such as built in extraction fan to make the toilet odorless.

Wall faced pans

Wall faced pans looks great as they sit flush against the floor. They require a separate cistern which is often hidden in the wall.

  • Space saving
  • Look great
  • Easy to clean (no space at the back)
  • Cistern can be installed in ceilings and cavities
  • Choose your own flush buttons
  • Ceramic coating options
  • soft close availability

Most wall faced pans comes with a separate in wall flushing cistern, however some also come with a close coupled cistern. Close coupled cisterns give the toilet a more traditional look.

These toilets are also called back to wall pans.

Wall faced pans have options of ceramic coating as well as choice of many different flush buttons.

Speak to us or your local plumber prior to purchase. If you don't know any, we are happy to refer you onto some of our contacts for reliable and trustworthy plumbers in Brisbane.


Modern design

Wall faced suites

Wall faced suites look very much like a traditional toilet with one main difference, it does not have a gap between the toilet and your wall.

These toilets are also called back to wall toilet.

  • Modern look
  • Easy to clean
  • Optimal hygiene control
  • S or P trap availability
  • Porcelain coating option
  • Soft close availability

Wall faced suites look great and integrate with almost all bathrooms. They are much like a traditional toilet with one main difference, there is no gap between the toilet and your wall.

Since there is no gap between the toilet and wall, dust and grease collection is never an issue. This feature makes your cleaning faster and easier, keeping your bathroom fresh for a longer period.

If you are not a tradesperson, remember to consult with either your plumber or our staff before making the decision.

The right advice can save you time and money!


Back to wall toilet

Wall hung pan

Wall hung pans sit off the floor and are screwed into brackets behind the walls.

The cistern and flushing system is hidden giving your bathroom a very modern and sleek look.

  • In wall cistern
  • Space saving
  • Gives illusion you have more space
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for small bathrooms
  • Cistern hidden in wall-modern look

This type of toilet gives the bathroom clean lines making your bathroom modern and stylish.

Wall hung pans are becoming popular in Australian bathrooms, with its strongest markets being in Europe and United States.

They are the optimal choice when it comes to cleaning and style as they are hanging from the walls, allowing you to always have a clean and visually pleasing bathroom.

Talk to your plumber or ask us for one before you decide on your new wall hung pan solution.


Off the floor

Closed coupled

Closed coupled toilets are sometime referred to as traditional style toilets. They are made up of two separate pieces, the cistern and the pan.

The cistern sits on top of the pan and comes with both half flush and full flush button.

  • Affordable option
  • Traditional style toilet
  • Easy to install
  • Streamlined look
  • Easy to retrofit new toilet
  • Long lifetime

This is a traditional style toilet with many years of use. The toilet and cistern are connected making it look like one unit.

The top part often have button and sometime a lever instead of buttons.

They are often the cheapest toilet as the cost is lower and installation is easy due to the versatile nature of the toilet. Often the pipes can come out to the back, down, left or right

As with other bathroom products, make sure your plumber knows the type of toilet product you have decided on. Ask us to recommend a plumber if required!


Traditional design

Other important elements

Consider these before choosing toilet


Different brands have different quality and warranty as well as features.

After sale service

How easy is it to have the toilet serviced once it has been installed? This is now the most important factor for many of our customers.


Quality changes as the price increases goes up and down. Look for great quality with a great price.

FAQ toilets

Our staff  have many years of experience ensuring you get the best advice on quality toilets for your bathroom. We provide specialised advice, which sets us apart from other retailers.

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