Bette Ocean Whirlpool Bath 1700 x 800mm 10 Jet

Spa Baths Have Never Been Better

Decades of experience in steel reshaping and enamel finishing.

Bette has now become one of the leading manufacturers of enamelled steel products.

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When time is so tight that there’s´s hardly the time to catch your breath and the daily stress gets the better of you, then the time has come to steal into the bath.

This is where you can take a deep, long breath and really be sure of relaxing. For example by whirling and swirling. The pleasurable tingling of the skin that makes for all-round physical regeneration.

In the delightful warmth of the bubbling water, the tension and stress simply dissolves into sheer well-being.

Dive into the baths with BETTEWHIRLSYSTEMS


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