Argent Evo Wall Faced Smart (Bidet) Toilet

$ 3,480.00

  • Remote & Side Controls
  • User Specific Functions
  • Soft-Closing Heated Toilet Seat
  • Water Temperature & Pressure Control
  • Drying Function with Temperature Control
  • Night Light
  • Deodoriser (using carbon filter)
  • Self-Cleaning Nozzle
  • Rimless Toilet Pan

Argent Flush Buttons extra, $129

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Argent Evo Wall Faced Smart Toilet

The Argent Evo Smart Toilet is a harmony of modern toilet design with the superior functionality of a modern bidet seat.
With hygiene at the forefront, the Evo features a rimless ceramic pan and a self-cleaning nozzle after every use.
The Evo features various user functions:

  • User Sensor Detection
  • Remote & Side Control
  • Posterior & Feminine Functions
  • Adjustable Wand Positioning
  • Adjustable Water Flow & Temperature Settings
  • Adjustable Fan Drying Temperature
  • Heated Seat with Adjustable Temperature
  • Soft-Closing Seat
  • Night Light
  • Automatic Deodoriser with Carbon Filter
  • Package includes Evo Wall Faced Smart Toilet Pan with Remote and Argent 80mm In Wall Cistern   **Argent Flush Buttons are extra, choose from Argent Kubic or Edge Flush Buttons starting from $129**

WELS 4 star 4.5/3 litres.



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